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Improve your overall wellness by regularly seeing a chiropractor.

Are you looking for relief from back pain or another painful condition? Join the many people in the Black Mountain, North Carolina community who have found relief and a pathway to improved wellness with the drug-free, natural approach of chiropractic care.

Chiropractor in Black Mountain, North Carolina

Your spinal column is made of 24 independent vertebrae that allow your body to bend, twist, and move through the motions you perform daily. Your spinal column also encases and protects your central nervous system, which controls and coordinates every tissue, organ, and muscle of the body. This is why, at Greenspan Wellness Center, we believe the first step towards living an active, healthy, and fulfilled lifestyle involves seeing a chiropractor regularly for a properly functioning spine.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Greenspan, has been helping people realize the many benefits of consistent chiropractic care for over 27 years. His father, Dr. Murray Greenspan, opened the clinic in 1981. Depending on your goals and situation, seeing a chiropractor regularly can provide the following benefits:

    • Improved joint coordination and enhanced motion
    • Improved nerve communication throughout the body
    • Improved physical function, performance, and posture
    • Relief from pain in the neck or back
    • Relief from tension and stress disorders
    • Relief from arthritis, bursitis, and chronic injuries
    • Relief from ongoing joint discomfort

We promote ongoing health and wellness by improving spinal and joint function and helping you live a healthy, active lifestyle. To schedule your next appointment with a chiropractor or find out more about the many benefits of chiropractic care, give us a call at Greenspan Wellness Center today.


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