Knee Pain Treatments, Black Mountain, NC

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Get to the source of your knee pain with our knee pain treatments.

Knee pain issues are a fairly common problem. Not only do we have individuals who have too much weight for their knees to handle, but we also have alignment issues, people who have been in accidents, athletes and people who have arthritis problems in their knees. At Greenspan Wellness Center, we want to help you with your specific cause and type of knee pain with our personalized knee pain treatments.

Knee Pain Treatments, Black Mountain, NC

At Greenspan Wellness Center, we see a lot of knees during the day that benefit from our knee pain treatments. The knee joint is technically a hinge joint, but it is loosely held together by a series of muscles and tendons. If any one of these players is on the bench during an important activity that involves your knees, then your knee could experience serious, sometimes lifelong problems. Dr. Greenspan competed for many years in slalom water skiing with his children and thus has required 3 knee surgeries. Kevin still currently competes in tennis, still slalom water skies and recently celebrated his 60th birthday. Yes . . . He knows how to keep the knee joint performing at its best with the least amount of pain.

With our latest technology knee pain treatments, like our Knee-on-Trac machine and K-Laser, we try to look at the source of the problem and treat that, rather than just treat the pain itself. This allows us to find out why your knee pain started occurring in the first place and how we can take care of the source of the issue. For example, if you run a lot and your gait is off due to an improperly aligned spine, you might experience knee pain. As part of our knee pain treatments, we will properly align your spine, strengthen your knee, and work with you on practicing a proper running gait.

If you are suffering from knee pain in the Black Mountain, North Carolina area, don’t limp around! Instead, head to Greenspan Wellness Center for our knee pain treatments.