Neuropathy is damage or dysfunction of the nerves in your body that causes all sorts of problems. No matter the cause of your neuropathy (although it is often disease or movement-based), once neuropathy starts, that individual can look forward to persistent issues with numbness, pins-and-needles sensations, tingling, and pain. Some types of neuropathy make sensations so sensitive and painful that serious adjustments need to be made to a person’s lifestyle, such as sleeping without blankets or sheets over the feet or becoming more sedentary then they would like. The worst part about neuropathy isn’t just the changes that you are forced to make, but that there’s nothing you can do about it . . . or is there? Is neuropathy reversal possible? At Greenspan Wellness Center, it is.

we are able to take down your neuropathy and work on neuropathy reversal

Neuropathy reversal is something that many medical professionals will claim is impossible, but it is also something that we work with and improve upon every day here at Greenspan Wellness Center. Using a combination of techniques such as digital electro-therapeutic stimulation and low-level light therapy (LLLT) along with diet, exercises, Class IV Laser, spinal decompression and finding the root cause of your neuropathy, we are able to take down your neuropathy and work on neuropathy reversal. We focus on getting your body into excellent health through nutrition so that your body has what it needs to create new neural pathways and optimize blood flow to damaged areas. We also use the therapies listed above to help take down your neuropathy.

If you would like to get back to activities that you enjoy doing without fear of neuropathy keeping you on the sidelines, then contact us here at Greenspan Wellness Center today to discuss the possibility of neuropathy reversal.