Meet The Doctor

Meet the DoctorKevin R. Greenspan, D.C., C.C.E.P.

Board certified in peripheral neuropathy reversal and specializing in non-surgical, non-drug solutions for bone-on-bone knees and doctor-assisted weight loss with no medications or shots


Dr. Kevin is well known for his clinical skills and compassion. He has the ability to connect with patients, listen to their needs and provide a healing touch that’s often described as “magic”.

Dr. Greenspan has been practicing since 1992 at the same location in the charming town of Black Mountain. The Wellness Center has been owned and operated by the Greenspan family since 1981. He has a Board Certification in chronic intractable pain and neuropathy from the American College of Physical Medicine. Dr. Greenspan is an avid athlete who appreciates a high quality of life and is passionate about helping patients regain their mobility and quality of life.

We go to great lengths to ensure that each and every patient is heard and cared for by the doctor as well as our staff members.