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We provide a range of treatment options to promote spinal wellness.

The spine serves as the foundation to the human body, and its condition can play a significant role in overall health and wellness. Back pain, shoulder discomfort, and even fatigue can be linked to misalignment in the spine, and those aren’t the only side effects. Spinal wellness is an important aspect of overall physical wellness, and it’s something we focus on at Greenspan Wellness Center. As our name suggests, we care deeply about the wellness of each of our patients. We provide a range of treatment options to promote spinal wellness, including chiropractic adjustments and services.

Spinal Wellness in Black Mountain, North Carolina

The spine includes five main sections, and each section has its own roles and responsibilities in the way your body can move and how you feel. Every time you twist, slouch, bend, and hunch over, your spine takes some abuse. Although the spine should remain straight, it can slip out of alignment over time. A misaligned spine can cause pain throughout the body since it spans from the neck to the lower back and connects to nerves that extend below the waistline.

In order to promote spinal wellness, we often recommend chiropractic treatments. Dr. Greenspan has been providing spinal wellness solutions to clients throughout Black Mountain, North Carolina for nearly three decades. His experience and knowledge have helped him become a trusted provider of health and wellness services, including treatments that can promote and improve your spinal wellness. If you would like to learn more about our treatment options or schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us.