Can a Chiropractor Help with Knee Pain Treatments?

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Knee pain can feel like a great equalizer amongst people. It doesn’t matter if you are a world-class runner, a football player, a homemaker, a lawyer or something else entirely, you could make one wrong move and experience something that leads to persistent knee pain. Once you have knee pain, it can feel like you are going to be plagued with this issue entirely, which can be true if you don’t have the proper knee pain treatments. If you are looking at knee pain treatments, consider chiropractic care along with our knee traction and K-Laser therapies.

we can work together to find knee pain treatments that will work for you

Chiropractic care can absolutely be helpful when it comes to treatments that are meant to work for knee pain. Your knee is a complex combination of muscles, bones and joints that all work together and allow you to make certain movements. If any of these muscles isn’t strong enough to support your knee or if there is an injury making it difficult to move your knee, then you’ll quickly find that your knee pain is becoming less of a twinge and more of a debilitating occurrence.

When you come to our office for knee pain treatments, we start by looking at your spinal alignment. Because the alignment of your spine and hips affects the alignment of your knees, they could all be interrelated. Once we have checked your alignment, we can work together to find knee pain treatments that will work for you. When there is a significant loss of cartilage in the knee joint (i.e. bone-on-bone), we have new non-invasive technologies to help. We have a “Knee on Trac” device that helps open up the joint space and K-Laser therapy to reduce the pain and inflammation in the joint. Don’t get a knee replacement surgery until you try this out. Patients typically feel better and walk easier just after several weeks of treatment.

To learn more about chiropractic care and knee pain treatments, give us a call here at Greenspan Wellness Center!