Get Ready for Spring with Injury Prevention in Mind

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As winter is drawing to a close, there is an almost tangible sense of excitement in the air. With improvements in the weather and mood due to longer days, it is easy to feel optimistic, excited and even a surge of productivity. Here at Greenspan Wellness Center, we are also enjoying this change and want to make sure our clients are ready for spring in the most healthful and balanced way.

gradual shift to outdoor exercise for injury prevention

With the weather warming, many of us are spending more time outdoors. While there is nothing wrong with this, we also want to make sure we don’t overdo it and lead to sore muscles with a focus on injury prevention. If you love to garden, don’t spend all day out there, but instead, try tackling a little bit each day until you’re ready for planting. Furthermore, while a long run might seem like the optimal spring day activity, if you aren’t used to long miles, it can lead to pain and injury. Even changes from a treadmill to outdoor running can bring on stress or injury, so be smart about the change and start with a slow, gradual shift to outdoor exercise for injury prevention.

With renewed vigor, make sure you are managing your goals wisely to avoid burnout. Make a list of priorities and stick to them! If you are looking to eat healthier, for example, choose smart choices that you can ease into, such as incorporating half a smoothie and half your normal breakfast for a few days to avoid shocking your system. Supplements to release toxins and ease pressure on your organs can also be beneficial.

To learn more about supplements, injury prevention, healthy goals or other information, contact us here at Greenspan Wellness Center today!