Sciatica Treatments, Black Mountain, NC

Don’t let your sciatica be a pain in the rear end any longer– come see us about our sciatica treatments.

There are so many nerves and nerve endings in the body that the average person couldn’t possibly name them all! However, there is one large nerve that runs from lower spine all the way down each leg that many people know the name of along with the painful condition that accompanies this nerve! The sciatic nerve is large in terms of nerves, and when you have issues with this particular nerve, you are diagnosed with sciatica.

Sciatica Treatments in Black Mountain, North Carolina

Sciatica can manifest itself in many different ways, ranging from a tingling or numbness feeling in your leg down to your toes or even a burning sensation. Some people have difficulty standing due to the pain and others actually are in more pain when they are sitting. You might also experience a sharp pain that occurs near your buttocks when you stand. In short, sciatica can be, quite literally, a pain in your rear end!

Even though sciatica is painful and often relentless, the good news is that our team here at Greenspan Wellness Center can help relieve the pain with our sciatica treatments. Our sciatica treatments can range from helping a patient lose weight and relieve pressure on the nerve to working with your spine and hip joint to alleviate pain from sciatica. Our sciatica treatments are a different way to treat sciatica because we don’t rely on medications to do so, but instead employ the healing powers that lie within your own body.

For relief in the Black Mountain, North Carolina area, contact us at Greenspan Wellness Center today for sciatica treatments and treatment options.