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Our hip pain treatments start at the source so your pain will be relieved, not just subdued.

Do you remember the song that talked about which bones were connected to the other bones in the body? While this might have been a clever way to teach children about their bodies or just a fun song, there is a lot of truth in your bones being connected and, therefore, influencing one another. Here at Greenspan Wellness Center, we see all the time where one area of the spine or posture is out of whack and suddenly there is pain in areas that are nowhere near the problem area. One of the most common of these areas is the hip, which is why we offer our Black Mountain, North Carolina area patients hip pain treatments for the relief of their hip pain.

Hip Pain Treatments in Black Mountain, North Carolina

When your spine is a little off kilter or out of alignment, your hips are one of the first areas that an alignment issue might show up. When your spine is straight, your pelvic girdle and hip joint are able to work harmoniously with one another. However, if your spine or your posture is habitually bad, you might discover that the rubbing of your hip joint can be painful, even if you still have cartilage intact in the joint. Unfortunately, those who have habitually been overweight often experience a loss of cartilage in the hips and knees over time.

When you work with us at Greenspan Wellness Center to take care of your hip pain treatments, you will notice how we don’t just give you a hip or back adjustment and send you on your way. We have the old trusted hands on chiropractic adjustments, gentle activator style adjustments for the “more fragile”, and we utilize the latest technological advances in pain relief and tissue regeneration, i.e. Class IV Lasers, LLLT (low level light therapy), etc. We want to take the time to get to know you, sit knee to knee and really listen to you, determine where in the line of skeletal bones or in the hip joint(s) the problem is occurring and how that problem is getting downstream or upstream to your hip joint. To learn more about hip pain treatments with Greenspan Wellness Center, give us a call today.