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Say goodbye to neck soreness and pain with our neck pain treatments.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and find your neck in a great deal of pain? These “sleeping injuries” can be a bit perplexing because you were asleep and now you are suddenly awake and injured! At Greenspan Wellness Center, we want to help you take care of the pain itself as well as the issue that caused your neck pain with our neck pain treatments.

Neck Pain Treatments in Black Mountain, North Carolina

One of the things that we can do for neck pain treatments at Greenspan Wellness Center is have our skilled and experienced chiropractor perform an adjustment, or cervical manipulation. Often neck pain is caused from poor alignment or strain somewhere near the spine. This can include areas of the spine, shoulders or the cervical vertebrae themselves. With the right neck pain treatments provided here at Greenspan Wellness Center, you can get back to moving around easily and comfortably once again!

Our neck pain treatments for our Black Mountain, North Carolina patients are as varied as the patients themselves. We offer a variety of movements that we can perform in order to properly align your cervical vertebrae, many of which can provide nearly instant relief of pain. Whether you prefer a fast manipulation or would prefer more gentle movements, or if you would rather just have soft issue work, K-Laser and/or contour light therapy, we can help determine the source of your pain, treat it, and give you effective prevention methods to prevent it from returning right here in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

If you are tired of waking up tired and stiff, contact us here at Greenspan Wellness Center to learn more about our neck pain treatments.