Neuropathy Relief, Black Mountain, NC

We offer treatment options that can provide the neuropathy relief you’ve been seeking.

Neuropathy is a painful medical condition that can occur through a number of situations and causes. It refers to the dysfunction of or damage to one or more nerves, often resulting in muscle weakness, pain, tingling, and/or numbness in the affected area. This condition is also called peripheral neuropathy because of its link to the peripheral nervous system, a network of nerves located outside the spinal cord and brain. When any of the neurons, or the cells that connect from the central nervous system to the other parts of the body, sustain damage, neuropathy can result.

Neuropathy Relief in Black Mountain, North Carolina

Treating this medical condition is difficult, and many people live with the pain and discomfort it causes every day. At Greenspan Wellness Center, we take a unique approach to health and wellness. We offer treatment options that you can’t get at other facilities but that can provide the neuropathy relief you’ve been searching for. Dr. Greenspan has been treating patients in the Black Mountain, North Carolina area for over thirty years.

The non-surgical, drug-free neuropathy treatments we perform can increase blood flow to the nerves, stimulate damaged nerves, optimize the body for effective healing, and decrease brain-based pain. We deliver neuropathy relief that can reverse the progression of nerve damage, reduce the risk of dangerous falls, and help you regain strength in your arms, hands, and legs. Don’t wait another day to start feeling neuropathy reliefcontact us to schedule a consultation.