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If you have sustained a personal injury, we provide treatment to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Dealing with a personal injury is a frustrating situation, especially if it’s preventing you from being able to participate in the activities you enjoy. Injuries can occur at any time and be caused by a range of situations. You might get injured in a car accident, or you could slip and fall at home, causing pain and discomfort. Sports injuries are also common amongst athletes. We offer a range of treatment options for injuries at Greenspan Wellness Center. These include multiple therapy options for the treatment of back, hip, knee, and neck pain.

Personal Injury in Black Mountain, North Carolina

Our clinic opened in 1981 with a focus on promoting overall health and wellness. We take a preventive approach to medicine, offering treatments that promote healing and strength. If you have sustained a personal injury, we can also provide treatment to alleviate pain and discomfort. The services we offer to patients can provide pain relief and prevent ongoing pain from disrupting their everyday lives.

Dr. Greenspan can treat a range of personal injury needs, whether you sustained an injury in an automobile accident or while participating in a sport. Our friendly and caring staff will tailor a treatment plan that is specifically targeted to your needs, using highly effective and minimally invasive techniques. Many of our patients have been dealing with the effects of personal injuries for months or even years. You don’t have to deal with the discomfort or pain associated with your personal injury for another day. If you’re in or near Black Mountain, North Carolina, give us a call to schedule a personalized consultation.