Wellness Center, Black Mountain, NC

Our wellness center is dedicated to improving your quality of life– not just masking symptoms.

At Greenspan Wellness Center, we often get asked what the difference is between a wellness center and a traditional medical facility. While it might seem like both would be involved in providing you with medical care, a wellness center is more focused on reclaiming your body’s health instead of simply treating symptoms. At our wellness center, we offer a personalized approach that empowers you to be your healthiest and happiest by offering a wide variety of services and treatment modalities so that the best plan can be developed for your objectives.

Wellness Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina

We offer effective solutions and treatment plans for a variety of conditions and situations, including back pain, peripheral neuropathy, whiplash, sports injuries, auto injuries, and weight-related conditions. We consider various methods tailored to your needs so that you can achieve optimal results and improved health. We offer weight loss treatments, nutritional supplements, kinesiology treatments, neuropathy reversal treatments, electrical muscle stimulation, and more.

We are a family-owned wellness center now in our second generation that continues to be focused on serving those in the Black Mountain, North Carolina area who want to overcome a painful or uncomfortable concern and come out the other side feeling better than ever. We look forward to empowering you to take charge of your health to resolve your health problems instead of just masking the symptoms. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss what is reducing your quality of life and how we can help.