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Get rid of your pain and your pain medications with the help of Class IV K-laser therapy.

So many people in the United States suffer from pain of some kind. Because of pain, so many people in the United States also depend on a variety of pain killers to take care of their issues. What if we told you there was another way? One that didn’t come with side effects, didn’t have down time and could be done by the medical professionals that we have here at Greenspan Wellness Center? With Class IV K-Laser Therapy, you can be well on your way to healing through the regenerative and stimulating powers of lasers.

Class IV K-Laser Therapy in Black Mountain, North Carolina

Although it might sound a little far-fetched that lasers can heal your pain, the science backing therapies like Class IV K-Laser Therapy is solid. With Class IV K-Laser Therapy, your body is what provides the healing power, while the laser provides the environment that will cause your body to step in and heal. A low-level, focused laser beam is directed at the pain site. This laser beam can penetrate your dermal and muscular layers, focusing on the area of pain. Your body will respond by sending extra blood, oxygen, and nutrients into this area so that the healing process can start to take place. While you might require more than one session of Class IV K-Laser Therapy in order to heal completely, you will love the medication-free option that we are able to give you here at Greenspan Wellness Center.

Don’t live with pain any longer when there is so much of Black Mountain, North Carolina to explore! Contact us today Greenspan Wellness Center and learn more about our Class IV K-Laser Therapy procedures.