Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Black Mountain, NC

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Electrical muscle stimulation is fast, effective and helps those who have consistent pain or recent painful muscle problems.

When you have a broken bone, it is usually very apparent where the problem is! However, when you have a muscle problem, determining the cause and source of pain in your muscle tissue can be a little bit tricky. Whether you have a sore neck, a consistent knot in your shoulders that you can’t get rid of or you just want to be able to heal your sore muscles faster, our experts here at Greenspan Wellness Center can help you do all this and more with electrical muscle stimulation.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation in Black Mountain, North Carolina

Electrical muscle stimulation is exactly what the name sounds like– electrically stimulating your muscles.  But don’t worry– it’s neither scary nor painful! With small electrodes placed over the area of pain, electrical muscle stimulation is applied. The electrodes will cause your muscle fibers to contract and relax, over and over, for a few minutes at a time. When the procedure is done, your muscles will be warm, loose and working on the healing process. Even though electricity is used, electrical muscle stimulation won’t shock you or be painful; instead, many of our patients compare the process to tingling or feeling a little prickly sensation. Many patients even enjoy the electrical muscle stimulation process!

Because electrical muscle stimulation works by teaching your consistently tense muscles to relax through a series of tiny muscle contractions, your knots and tough muscle cramped areas can start to relax. Your body will also send out endorphins which help to get rid of pain naturally and leave you with a feeling of relief. If you are in the Black Mountain, North Carolina area and are looking for a way to recover quickly or get rid of chronic pain, check out electrical muscle stimulation today from Greenspan Wellness Center.