Neuropathy Reversal, Black Mountain, NC

Is neuropathy reversal possible? The answer is yes!

When you have problems with neuropathy, the hardest part of managing your disease isn’t the many doctor’s appointments or even figuring out a prescription dosage to help manage the pain. Instead, one of the things that neuropathy patients struggle with the most is the lack of ability to do things that they once could. Active hikers and avid outdoor enthusiasts are suddenly unable to walk to the mailbox without feeling excruciating pain or other problems. Here at Greenspan Wellness Center, we want to help you get back to your routine and your favorite activities not just by managing your neuropathy, but with actual neuropathy reversal!

Neuropathy Reversal in Black Mountain, North Carolina

When you come to Greenspan Wellness Center to learn more about neuropathy reversal, you might feel a bit of skepticism. After all, neuropathy is degenerative, right? Our neuropathy reversal process works by tackling your neuropathy on all fronts, starting with the true cause of your neuropathy. Even though there are all sorts of factors that determine the cause of your neuropathy, we will figure out which combination is causing your neuropathy. After we have determined the cause, we will start the neuropathy reversal process by working on healing the source of your neuropathy.

We use a variety of treatments, including low-level light therapy (LLLT), to revitalize and stimulate the nerves to start regeneration. Combined with digital electro-therapeutic stimulation and the latest researched nutritional support to rebuild new blood vessels and heal damaged nerves (YES you can, and we see it all day in our wellness center), your neuropathy reversal process will be well on its way. With the help of Greenspan Wellness Center, you’ll soon be back to enjoying time hiking or walking with your family once more all over the Black Mountain, North Carolina area. Contact us today to learn more about neuropathy reversal.