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I Can Fish More Stable on my Feet in the Streams Again!
Neuropathy in My Feet is Getting Much Better
Lifelong Headaches Gone!
Ann Gregory Testimonial
Neuropathy healing nicely
Contour Lights
My Feeling is Returning in my Feet
Peripheral Neuropathy Reversal
Peripheral Neuropathy Reversal
Reversed Peripheral Neuropathy
My Feeling is Returning in my Feet!!
Reversing Peripheral Neuropathy.
Knee on Trac Testimonial

I’ve started Dr. Greenspan’s BluePrint to Neuropathy Reversal Program and it’s going great for me. I’m feeling better, walking better, my balance is better, I can’t believe my results. I can feel the whole sensation in my feet again which I haven’t felt in a long time. I am actually ticklish on my feet again. I also had an ankle that was frozen up with arthritis and Dr. Greenspan made some adjustments that freed up my range of motion in my ankle which had been severely restricted for years. I am very happy with my care with Greenspan Wellness Center.

Lenora Sentelle

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I Had tried the 6 meals per day, the intermittent fasting, I was just stuck and couldn’t lose anymore weight. I was working out constantly with no success. A friend of mine told me about The Weight Loss program at Greenspan Wellness Center, so I thought I’d give it a try. This is the end of my 3rd week and I’ve lost 21 pounds. It is definitely a great program, I’m not hungry all the time, I can eat a lot of good food. It’s not just “Carb-Cutting.” When I was doing all those other programs I would lose 2-3 pounds per month. I’m now working out a fraction of the time and finally shedding this stubborn body fat.

Donald Fondren

Tara Cox – BluePrint to Weight Loss

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Cheryl Mathis – BluePrint to Weight Loss

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Phylis Comier – BluePrint to Weight Loss

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Aaron Collins – Severe Headaches & was debilitated 8 months

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Bo Webb – Local Tennis Pro Shares His Results With K-Laser Therapy on His Shoulder and Knee Pain

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Very Severe Hip Degeneration Saved from Surgery by Chiropractic Care and K-Laser Therapy

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Severe and Debilitating Headaches Gone

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Chronic Diabetic Neuropathy Pain in Leg Responds Great to K-Laser

Dean Clawson experiences less pain in his leg and now doesn’t need to take as much pain medication.

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K-Laser Therapy Helps Patient Walk Again Without Limping

I have had Chondromalacia Patella in my knee for over 10 years which has stayed swollen and stiff. I’ve tried many treatments but was amazed with being able to immediately walk normally after limping for many years. I did 2 sessions with Dr. Greenspan’s K-Laser… Awesome!- Sandy Becker

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Bad Scarring From Low Back Surgery Relaxes With K-Laser!

Bill Law’s amazing experience with K-Laser.

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Janine Has Hope Again and After 11 Years of Pain, Can Now Walk and Sleep Without Pain

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K-Laser Testimonial From a Professional Ballet Dancer

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I was waking in the middle of the eve with my shoulder, whole arm and hand burning and going numb. Dr. Greenspan found a pinched nerve in my neck and started fixing the problem. Now I sleep peacefully through the eve and don’t have to keep getting up moving my arms and hands to try to get rid of the pain and numbness. I am so glad I took the initiative to go see him.

Thank You So Much Dr. Kevin!

Teensie Hamilton

Thanks So Much

I now can walk about 3 miles and no longer get the bad back pain radiating down my foot anymore. Now my joints don’t hurt going up and down steps. Thanks so much Dr. Greenspan!

Pat Daugherty